Stop Spam Texts to mobile phones

with anti-spam forwarding and other techniques

Reduce the amount of spam text you get to your mobile phone.

Register your mobile number for free with the Telephone Preference Service:

This will only help with legitimate companies but is worth doing.


  • Most spam texts are sent to a large number of people without them knowing if the number is valid or the person is interested. If you respond at all then they will keep sending more texts because they know you do more than read them. They will also sell your number to more spammers so DO NOT REPLY. Do not text “STOP” to them as they will send you even more.

Bar the number

  • Block the number on your phone if possible so you won’t receive spam texts from the same number again. Spammers keep changing their numbers so it won’t help much but it is a start.

Forward the spam text to your phone company

  • Forward the text itself to 7726 (which spells SPAM on your phone keyboard to help you remember it) where your phone operator will use the contents to block similar spam to you and other customers.

Stop legitimate texts which you signed up to

  • Only if you remember specifically signing up for such texts and know that the text is from the legitimate company should you ever text STOP back. It’s even safer to search for the legitimate company’s website and contact them directly asking them to remove you.
  • For premium rate numbers which are charging you to receive them, if you are not sure it’s legitimate or have a problem with stopping them then use the premium-rate regulator “PhonepayPlus’s” Number Checker service to find the linked company for the number and contact them direct to stop it:

Avoid being added to any mailing lists in the first place.

  • A lot of people accidentally or unintentially sign up to mailing lists by not unticking boxes when filling in forms from companies. The basic rule is: Whenever you fill in a form with your address or contact details always look for a box to tick or untick to say you do not want to be added to any mailing lists.
  • If any company asks you for your telephone number then they often assume it is OK to add it to their calling list so every time you give it someone then tell them not to add it to any mailing list and not to sell it on.

Report them to the Information Commissioner