Stop junk mail from your Royal Mail Postie

with Royal Mail Door-to-Door opt out

Stopping the Postman / Postwoman posting junk mail on their rounds.

The Royal Mail gets paid to post advertising when posting your normal letters but you can ask them to stop:

You can phone, email, or write to them to ask for the form to fill in to register (which lasts for 2 years):

  1. Royal Mail Door to Door opt out, Freepost ROYAL MAIL CUSTOMER SERVICES
  2. Phone: 0345 266 0858
  3. Email:
  4. Website:

The Royal Mail will warn you that you might miss vital information if you opt out but councils have said they would tell the Royal Mail to over-ride the opt-out in cases of delivering crucial information from them.

Follow the advice on our other page on reducing junk mail too.